Employee Programs

SVS Marketing works with your organization to foster a culture of recognition that will increase overall morale and ensure employee retention. SVS employee programs are customized to fit your application.

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Nomination Certificate Programs
  • Discretionary Awards
  • Productivity and Performance Targets
  • Years of Service
  • Safety Awards

Recognition Gifts
SVS Marketing offers many memorable gift options.
Click on the icons below to preview some of our featured recognition gift programs.


Contact an SVS Marketing account executive for more details.

Tech Solutions
An SVS Employee Program powered by our proprietary Flex Rewards technology is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate any corporate structure. An SVS employee program can be set up to allow for manager approvals, defined budgets and defined reward types.

Flex Rewards Employee Programs feature:

  • Discretionary and Activity Based Award Functionality
  • Points Based Earning
  • Automatic Email Award Notification
  • Training and Quiz Modules
  • Online Reward Catalogue
  • User Restricted Access
  • Cash Top Up
  • User Generation Award Certificates
  • Management Reporting