Sales Incentive

The best performance improvement program isn’t the short-term, quick-fix one. Although quick fixes may come on strong, they usually don’t leave a lasting impression. The best performance improvement program is the one that recognizes a short-term need by reinforcing key strategic corporate objectives and long-term goals. This is the kind of incentive program that SVS develops implements and manages for companies from a wide variety of industries.

An SVS incentive program begins by focusing on your individual situation: your business, your market, your industry, your target audience and your objectives. At SVS we have the resources necessary to develop the program, implement it, to monitor it, fulfill it and measure the results.

Benefits of a SVS Incentive Program:

Cost Effective: When you use SVS, you save time, money and resources because you buy only the services you need; and, because we can handle everything, you can focus your efforts and your personnel on your core business.

One-Stop Shopping: At SVS, we can do it all, from planning, implementing, promoting and administering your incentive program. We have all the resources necessary to maximize the overall success of your program.

Reward Selection: At SVS, we have access to a wide variety of merchandise including most of the top consumer brands as well as the expertise to know what type of reward is best suited to achieve the desired result.

Results Measurement: What is the point of developing; launching and fulfilling a great incentive program if at the end you can’t quantify the results? At SVS we have the expertise and the people to ensure that your incentive has hit the target you were aiming for.